“ring ring”

written by Priya Carlberg
arranged by Chatterbox



Chatterbox is a Brooklyn-based crunchy-pop vocal trio consisting of Jolee Gordon, Priya Carlberg and Isabel Crespo Pardo. Twisting and bending and humming and screeching, their songs are like yanking that tiny thread hanging off of your shirt and watching it all unravel.

All members are composers in their own right, informed by the creative music tradition, punk, indie, electronic music, etc. Chatterbox takes commissions as well and performs works by Frank Carlberg, Steven Long, Lily Honigberg, Ben Katz, & Shane Simpson.

“A Space Inside”

written by Jolee Gordon

arranged by Chatterbox

“apple picking”

written by Priya Carlberg

arranged by Chatterbox

“China Chalet”

written by Steven Long for Chatterbox


“I feel so sad…”

written by Shane Simpson for Chatterbox



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